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Date of birth -   January 21st 1946

Place of birth -   London, England. 

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1951 - 1957     The Camp School, Kent, England. 

1957 - 1962      A very strict English girls school!

1962 - 1965      The Medway College of Arts, Rochester, Kent
                           (now University of the Creative Arts)

1966 til now      The School of life........


1976    -    Chester County Arts Association, Pennsylvania, USA
1976    -     Newman Galleries, Philadelphia, PA

1977 til 1993  -   Numerous exhibitions in the USA, including the Philadelphia Zoo and another solo at Chester County Arts Association in 1992, just before returning to the UK/Europe. 

1995   -       St. David's Hall, Cardiff, Wales, UK
1996   -       Centre Auguste Brizeux - Brittany, France
1996   -       L'ecole Joliot-Currie, Brittany, France
1997   -       High Planes Heritage Centre, South Dakota, USA
1997   -       The Quinlan Arts Center, Georgia, USA
2000   -       The Quinlan Arts Center,  Georgia USA

2000 til 2006 - Several exhibitions in England and Wales. 

2008   -        Les Artistes Picards - Picardy, France
2008   -        Salon des Arts - du Pecq - France
2009   -        Valerie Cafe, Knightsbridge, London, UK
2010   -        MASSART - Center for art and Community Partnerships,
                     Massachusetts, USA
2013   -        Smithgall Arts Center, Georgia, USA


1)      Philadelphia Heart Institute, USA
2)      Cardiff Bay Hotel, Cardiff, Wales, UK
3)      Andrew Weir Shipping Group, UK
4)      Project Art Limited, London UK
5)      Meridian Banks, USA
6)      Girard Bank, USA
7)      Wortley House Hotel, UK
8)      Pine Lodge Hotel, UK
9)      St. Edmund's church, Crickhowell, Wales, UK
10)    The Pennsylvania, SPCA - USA
11)    The Chester County SPCA - USA
12)     Philadelphia Zoo - USA
13)     Masarra Architects - USA
14)     France Gallop - L'Hippodrome de Maisons LaFitte, France
15)     High Planes Heritage Center, South Dakota, USA
16)     MASSART - Massachusetts Institute of Art, USA


1)       SOFAP - Fulham/Hammersmith Arts Society, UK
2)       Pont Aven School of Art - Brittany, France
3)       Citizens Schools, Boston, USA
4)       Loire Valley Arts - France
5)       Art in the Algarve - Portugal
6)       The Hurlingham Club, London UK
7)       The Roehampton Arts Club, London, UK
8)       University of the Third Age, UK
9)       The Hill College, Wales, UK
10)     Brec Noc Arts Society, Wales, UK
11)     Artslink, London, UK
12)     Centre August Brizeux, Brittany, France
13)     The Quinlan Arts Center, Georgia, USA
14)      Salon des Arts - du Pecq, France
15)      Les Artistes Picards - Picardy, France. 
16)      MASSART - Center for art and Community Partnerships.


It is my belief that the creative process, in all its many forms, is the key to physical, emotional and spiritual well being. 

My goal as an artist is to 'marry technical prowess with the intangible'

To ensure that my artistic tools are honed, it is vital to practise and stretch every day, much like a dancer or an athlete. 
The technical prowess comes with practise, practise, practise and the intangible element from the journey of life.

Joy, sadness, where we travel, the people we meet are all food for the artist's inner being.


In September 2015 I was interviewed by author Virginia Macgregor, who wrote 'What Milo Saw' - The interview can be found on her blog


I would like to continue painting large canvases and watercolours, expressing my feelings about the interconnectedness of all life. 

I hope to write several more books, including my autobiography and continue to travel and learn.