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Influences - Experience



Perhaps it was because I was born at the close of World War II in a city splintered with bomb sites and lacking in colour, that from a very early age, I was drawn to the work of Paul Gauguin


My Father would take me to the National Gallery in London where, along with the great masters, I remember seeing the 'coloured chalk pavement artists' who displayed their works in front of the Gallery. As a very young child this was always a magical experience, one that I know influenced my love of colour.


In 1966, I moved to the United States, initially for a two year visit. However, two years stretched into twenty-eight, and for twenty-three of those years, I lived and worked in the heart of Chester County, Pennsylvania, home to the Brandywine River Tradition of Art. It was here that my watercolour painting was influenced by the likes of Andrew Wyeth.


Other beacons of light were Titian, Rembrandt, Kandinsky, Emil Nolde, Georgia O'Keefe, William Spike, RA (my favourite and most inspirational tutor at the Medway College of Arts, Rochester) and Joseph Campbell who coined the term 'Follow your bliss'.




I have been a working artist for over forty years and during this period have exhibited widely and given workshops, lectures and painting demonstrations in the United States and many countries in Europe. 


During the middle of my career (1987 til 1999) I produced numerous commissioned murals on both sides of the Atlantic. 


More recently, I have self-published two books entitled 1) The Apple Exercise 2) Christeve the Cat Finds Her Home'. These are available on the products page.


As part of the Axlepin Publishing family based in the Philippines, I am now connected to painters, photographers, poets, writers and musicians worldwide.


August 2015 is the eighth anniversary of writing my blog 'My Life As an Artist' http://www.jcrhumming.wordpress.com


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